Whipped Cream or Ice Cream?

Week 1 of my post Cake Off defeat launched with a chocolate cardamom pear cake.


All of my research leading up to the Cake Off means I have a large collection of must try cake recipes on hand.  And many of the recipes that I had ruled out for the competition because they appeared to lack a certain pizzazz or offered off the beaten path flavor profiles are back on the table for consideration.  Rather than strategizing on how to please a crowd, which includes several children, I now get to choose one cake a week that strikes my fancy.  I can go as mundane or fancy as I choose.  And for week one, I chose a simple presentation with a unique flavor scheme: pear, chocolate, almonds and cardamom.  To add to the fun, I also threw in some dark chocolate cocoa chunks.

The results were delicious.  I really enjoyed this cake.  It was light and tasty and not too sweet.  It did beg the question “whipped cream or ice cream?” I went with ice cream because it is what I had on hand but I sense whipped cream would have been a better option.  In the end, it didn’t really matter because this cake only improved in flavor over night and turned out to be a cake that I could eat for breakfast, the best kind of cake in my book.

A few side notes have emerged in writing this post.  First, a caution in including children as judges in the Cake Off.  First off,  it is easy to conclude that the children should manage the vote count because they did not make the entries and it is a fun way to include them in an adult party.  If you go this route, make sure that the child you choose can 1) actually count and 2) doesn’t have a clear preference bias.  The first annual pie off remains under contention to this day after votes were revealed the next day and the stated votes didn’t add up to support the winning pie, which just so happened to be the child’s step father’s entry.  Which brings me to the second caution about child judges, they are intensely loyal to their parents and their parents cakes.  I don’t have solid proof here but it comes as no surprise to me that the year two winner, the strawberry cake, was entered by a family of four.

My second side note has to do with eating cake for breakfast.  My husband declined the pear chocolate almond cake for breakfast because it had chocolate in it.  Yet he had no qualms ordering a citrus oat scone at the local coffee shop that same morning.  The oats made it a healthier option than the low butter, fruit laden cake in his stated opinion.  While it is true that he has a lot of structure and rules around food (no breakfast dinner and the such), I am left to wonder whether or not he actually liked this cake.  I foresee a husband cake approval rating for future posts.

Stayed tuned…





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